Hosts & Participants

Specific Working Group Stakeholders Eligible to Participate in our Impact Forum should fall within one of the following groupings: Stakeholder or Host/Moderator



Forums are hosted by Chamber or ATESE members, Sponsors, Pollination & Other Partners, Premier Vendor Partners, Special Guests, including For-Profit Small Business Owners, and other Parties interested in the success of our 501c Stakeholders.


Forum Sessions will be moderated by the 501c Business Incubator Council, an Incubation or Pollination Partners. Snippets will be posted on main podcast website, other specifically select venues, but the full Podcast will be subscription-only.


Direct Stakeholders

  • 501cs who are NCTSB & Founder Association Members
  • Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees including Model L Single Member LLC Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees, TASC Clients, Special Project FS Awardees, & Dual Member Entity (DME) Awardees
  • Leadership of 501c Startups, pending status, tax-exempts young in their operations who are NOT a Chamber or Founders Assn Member

Indirect Stakeholders

  • Leadership of exempt organizations for whom the LLC or Foundation hold a Membership
  • Small Staffed 501cs affiliated with our Funding Partners & Sponsors
  • Program Directors, Managers, & Administrators who run/operate or will run/administer charitable Projects & Programs that are not intended to transition to a business entity
  • For Profit Business Sponsoring or planning charitable endeavors