Are You a Tax-Exempt Small Business whose hands are tied? A 501c Entrepreneur in Startup Mode? Or is Politics/a government regulation or policy the reason you can’t quite get going? You’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to website of The 501c Startup & Small Business Collective (501cSBC)™ , the newest charitable entity in The Learners Lab Foundation Tax-Exempt Small Business Collaborative (TLLF-TSBC). While welcome to join, The Collective is 501c Startups, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses. We are launching our Natl Chamber & 501c Founders Assn membership drives in conjunction with This Collective.

The 501cSBC™ meets to discuss business issues & how Fed/State/Local politics & legislation impact the business operations side of their mission work. Forums are small groups of 501cs who meet weekly hosted by a Chamber or Association members. Snippets of each Forum will be posted on “501c Startup2SmallBiz Exchange,” our podcast website and other select venues, but the full Podcast along with Transcripts and ESL Translation/Transcripts will be available subscription-only.