Startup-to-SmallBiz Impact Solutions Forum

Welcome to website of UpdatesThe 501c Startup & Small Business Collective (501cSBC)™. 501cSBC™ is the newest member of the Economic Empowerment Foundation for Exempt Startups & Small Businesses (EEF-501c)™ charitable collaborative and former service of its LLC parent, the 501c Business Incubator Council, LLC™.

The Collective is an impact solutions working group of and for 501c Startups, Entrepreneurs, & Small Businesses.

We will be launching our 501c Natl Chamber & Founders Assn Membership in conjunction with This Collective during the 2024 calendar year as part of our 10th year anniversary and a host of other new charity will launch as well.

The 501cSBC™ will meet to ID business issues caused by Fed/State/Local politics & legislation, discuss the impact to the business operations side of their mission work. Forums are small working groups of 501cs who meet regularly in sessions hosted by a Chamber/Association Members or Special Guests.